Features of WordPress Management

Get high quality WordPress hosting & management at the best price. Get your website watched every day by Google. Work with the best WordPress experts. With our superior WordPress management you can grow your business quickly.
WordPress Website Management: For any website owner SEO is the need of the hour. It requires regular maintenance to get the page rank high. WordPress also requires regular maintenance to get the page rank high. To make your page rank high, it requires regular maintenance for which WordPress requires you. With our website management you can manage your WordPress with ease and can even watch your WordPress site grow.

WordPress Uptime Monitor: Our premium add-ons provide the best possible tools to measure your SEO efforts. With our tracking tool you can measure your website growth with real time numbers. With our tool you can choose your preferred tools and get them delivered to your inbox with one click.
Multiple Site Support: WordPress supports multiple sites. With our multiple site support, you can keep monitoring different sites simultaneously. You can even import your own data to make it more customised. Our inbuilt service provider dashboard makes it easy to manage multiple sites from one single place. With our multiple site support you can even send bulk email to multiple subscribers. Click for more details about the WordPress management.

Technical Support: Our technical support team is there to answer your queries. Our support team provides round the clock technical support to make your work done faster. Our technical support team also provides you valuable insights on your website growth. With our help you can track down the problems that are affecting your websites and improve load time.
With our central directory you can easily import wordpreset, plugins and themes from our partner organization. You can use these wordpreset directories along with our other central services such as WordPress management tools. If you want to get maximum benefit out of your WordPress software then our website creation tool will be a perfect choice for you. With this you can create unlimited WordPress website from scratch.
WordPress Backup: Our backup services provide you a hassle-free, reliable and secure backup solution for your WordPress blogs. Our backup service provides you high quality backups for all your WordPress database, themes and plug-ins. This backup solution is designed in such a way that it provides backups to multiple places such as, FTP, S3 and VPS. Our backup service includes our inbuilt plugin called backup now. It automatically backups your WordPress database every day, weekly or monthly at set time intervals (as per your configured settings). Visit the Sunny HQ experts to learn more about WordPress management.

One-click updates: Our inbuilt update plugin lets you install new updates straight into your WordPress single dashboard. This ensures that your WordPress installation is always up to date. You can update all your plugins without having to browse the entire internet. If you use our free themes or plugins you can also update them without any hassle. With just a single click you can upgrade all your single dashboard widgets and themes.
Advanced Backup Management: Our backup management plugin provides you with an advanced version of our inbuilt backup history. You can export your backup history to PST or HTML every so often. You can export your backup history to your own file. You can even set up different dates and time intervals for each of your multiple sites. This ensures that you always have complete information about your backup history and all your sites at once. Read more about this topic here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Content_management_system.